The corner bands insure the fitted sheet will not pop off the corners of the mattress.

The DreamFlex™ heavy duty elastic is 4 times wider and 20 times stronger than other fitted sheets.

The fitted sheet has a relaxed fit for conforming comfort.

The 10% wider and longer flat sheet will insure a secure tuck at the base of the mattress, and great side to side coverage.
Advantage Provides the Perfect Fit for Today’s Thicker, More Conforming Mattresses and Adjustable Sleep Systems
Mattress Protectors
100% Terry Cloth

Breathable material for dry comfort

100% waterproof

Allergen resistant

Luxury sizing to fit today's thicker mattresses

DreamFlex™ corner bands for a secure fit

FirstFit™ color-coded corner bands to ensure the
protector is placed on the mattress correctly every time

Guaranteed to Fit, Guaranteed To Stay On™.